Bump/ Shock Test Machines

Bump/ Shock Test Machines

The Bump/Shock Test System operates on principle of pneumatic arrangement to uplift the platform and drops on elastomer pads used between the dropping platform and supporting base in the impact area to produce half-sine pulses. The design of elastomer pads effect the time duration of the pulse while the drop height is used to accelerate the platform determining the magnitude of the Bump pulses.

Machine structure is manufactured with heavy duty steel which does not deteriorate under repeated shocks. The structure contains sufficient mass so no additional ballast will be required. The structure is supported on four passive air springs to isolate the Bump pulses from the floor as an accepted engineering practice. The test item is mounted on the top platform.

The control instrumentation controls the operation and set value of number of shocks to be repeated and pulse repetition rate and also triggers the Bump measurement. Controls for the machine are mounted in a control panel on the front face of the machine.

Bump/Shock Test Machines
Working Platform Size 400 x 400 mm 600 x 600 mm 800 x 800 mm 1000 x 1000 mm
Acceleration* 3-200 g
Pulse Duration* 3-30ms
Pulse Shape Half-Sine
Standard Test** 20 `g' - 11 `mS' 40 `g' - 6 `mS' 50 `g'- 18 `mS' 100 `g' - 6 `mS' 200 `g' - 3 `mS'
Bump Rate 1 to 3 Bumps/sec
Max Drop Height 50 mm

* Higher `g' at lower `mS' and lower `g' at higher 'mS'
** Provision for customized test profiles.

Note: The above stated parameters are generalised specifications subject to revision due to improvement activities without notice.