Combined Vibration Test Facility

Combined Vibration Test Facility

- With Temp. Humidity and Vibration

Combined testing is typically performed in sectors at the forefront of technological research. Our company, always attentive to technological innovation, has developed a series of chambers that, although maintaining the same performances as standard climatic chambers, are equipped with special interfaces for electro dynamic shakers/ vibrators. The rail & guide mechanism included to move the shaker underneath of chamber base for easy Vertical & Horizontal integration with the chamber.

Capacity 100 litres to 4000 litres
Temperature Range 70°C to +180°C
Rate of Heating & Cooling 1°C/min to 5°C/min for an empty chamber.
Humidity Range 20% to 95% RH
Vibration Sinusoidal/ Random/ Shock

Accessories Integration Chamber

  • Thermal Barrier
  • Rail & Wheel guide mechanism
  • Chamber up/ down movement for horizontal interface
  • Head extender for vertical interface
  • Chamber base for vertical mode
  • Chamber base for Horizontal Slip Table

Note: The above stated parameters are generalised specifications subject to revision due to improvement activities without notice.