Environmental Chambers

Specifications of Environmental Chambers

Environmental Test Chambers is designed to program controlled conditions of temperature and relative humidity.

Temperature is one of the main factor limiting the reliability of all components, assemblies and also complete equipment. Hence thermal and cycling tests improve the selection of materials and manufacturing methods during the first stage of R&D. Accelerated testing methods are now being used by electronic and automotive companies to speed up the development and manufacture of products. To effect accelerated time, the product is exposed to extreme temperature change, extreme temperatures and extreme temperature combined with vibration.

The design technology uses eco-friendly refrigerants and thermal insulation materials, super efficient cooling systems and powerful control systems.

It is mainly used in testing the adaptability of defence, electronics, electrical appliances, food, automobile, rubber and plastic, metal and other products, parts and materials in the high and low temperature and humid environment when storage, transport and using.

Capacity 100 litres to 4000 litres
Temperature Range -70°C to +180°C
Rate of Heating & Cooling 1°C/min to 5°C/min for an empty chamber.
Humidity Range 20% to 95% RH