Electrodynamic Vibration Shaker

Low Range Shakers

Specifications of 50 Kg to 300 Kgf Vibration Shaker System

System Description
The low range of Shakers is designed for educational instaurations, experimental purpose and to test small components, PCBs and light weight capacity components.

As a standard configuration, the shaker is supported on a frame. It is force-air-cooled by a Centrifugal Cooling Blower with silencer is used to suck hot air from shaker via flexible hose pipe and is interlocked with the amplifier for operational safety.

The shaker's moving element are energized by the direct current and alternating current supplies respectively generated and are electronically interlocked to the power amplifier.

The Digital Switching Power Amplifier having the in-built intelligent microcontroller based control unit is housed in a table top movable rack console. It has a feather-touch user-friendly interface control panel at the front panel of power amplifier to drive the Electro-dynamic Shaker.

Shaker Specifications
Model EVS60 EVS120 EVS140 EVS140
Armature Diameter 60 mm 120 mm 140 mm 140 mm
Sine Force 50 Kgf 100 Kgf 200 Kgf 300 Kgf
Random Force 35 Kgf 70 Kgf 140 Kgf 200 Kgf
Shock Force -- 200 Kgf 400 Kgf 600 Kgf
Armature Mass 1.2 Kg 2 Kg 3.3 Kg 3.5 Kg
Peak Acceleration (Sine) 50 `g' 50 `g' 60 `g' 85 `g'
Peak Velocity 1.0 m/sec 1.2 m/sec 1.4 m/sec 1.4 m/sec
Displacement Pk-Pk 12 mm 20 mm 25 mm 25 mm
Frequency Range DC-5000 Hz DC-4500 Hz DC-4000 Hz DC-4000 Hz
Armature Resonance (±5%) 4200 Hz 4000 Hz 3600 Hz 3600 Hz
Max. Payload Capacity 5 Kg 12 Kg 20 Kg 20 Kg
Cooling Air cooled Air cooled Air cooled Air cooled

Power Amplifier Specifications
Model PA 0.5K PA 1K PA 2K PA 3K
Power Output Supply 40V, 10A 44V, 25A 70V, 50A 75V, 55A
Input Impedance 10 k Ohm 10 k Ohm 10 k Ohm 10 k Ohm
Input Sensitivity 4 Vrms 4 Vrms 4 Vrms 4 Vrms
Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) >70 dB >70 dB >70 dB >70 dB
Power Efficiency >90% >90% >90% >90%
Total Harmonic Distortion in resistive load Typically 0.5% Typically 0.5% Typically 0.5% Typically 0.5%
Interface with Shaker Direct coupled Direct coupled Direct coupled Direct coupled
Safety Protections Mains Input Over/ Under Voltage, Amplifier Over Temperature, Shaker Over Temperature, Over Travel, Cooling Air Flow Interlock, Field Fail, Loss of Input
Safety Norms
Protection Integral protection to prevent the output devices working beyond their specification limits.
EMC EN50081-2 Emissions and EN50082-2 Immunity

Note: The above stated parameters are generalised specifications subject to revision due to improvement activities without notice.