About Us

Euro Test Corporation

An Equipments Testing Company

Euro Test was formed in 2012 by a team of engineers with a variety of professional experiences in the vibration testing industry. We are manufacturer and exporter of wide range of Environmental Testing Equipments with the latest technology and providing responsive timely services. In a shorter time period, we have established a significant position in the domestic & international market by providing the highly reliable product meeting the stringent requirements of Aerospace, Automotive, defence, nuclear, testing laboratories, telecom, research institutes.

Euro Test offers wide range of environmental Testing Equipments that includes Electrodynamic Vibration Shaker, Digital Power Amplifier, Vibration Controller, Combo-base Horizontal Slip Table, Vertical Load Support Platform, Environmental Chamber, Thermal Shock Chamber, Walk-in type Chambers, Combined Vibration Test Facility, Multi-axis Vibration Shaker and Bump/ Shock Test Machines. Our skill is in taking these core technologies, and applying them to meet your unique test specifications.